The ULIS system caters for students with disabilities who require special teaching, in addition to accommodations, pedagogical adaptations and compensatory measures.


Literary and scientific field4h
Professional field/
* Mathematics, science and technology, design


  • Professionals: building a picture of work, constructing a career plan and assessing work potential
  • Schoolchildren: pursuing skills acquisition
  • Citizenship: exchange with other young people through shared projects, access to well-being, citizenship and autonomy.

How it works

  • 1 teacher coordinator and speakers
  • 1 school life assistant
  • 1 individualized follow-up for each young person
  • Inclusion in general, technological and vocational high schools: history-geography, maths, management, arts, practical work...


  • 3 3-week periods in November, January and June
  • Other internship periods may be envisaged depending on the young person's project.