Methodological support

Methodological help adapted to each level is offered to our students during their schooling:

  • Methodology courses in large groups or during a class session, to help students organize, synthesize and plan their work. Advice is also given on revision sheets, work schedules, memorization and note-taking. 
  • Discussions with the main teachers are organized to identify students in difficulty and offer them individualized support over one or more sessions.
  • At each class council meeting, a review is carried out to identify the needs of each pupil and to set up personalized support.

Developing oral skills

All the teachers support progress in the acquisition of oral skills:

  • Verbal communication (elocution, flow, vocabulary, etc.)
  • Non-verbal communication (attitude, posture, etc.)
  • Quality of interaction (taking the audience into account: looking at them, capturing their attention)
  • Quality of construction and argumentation (logical, structured flow of ideas)


A wide range of programs are in place to help our students make the right career choices:

  • Main teacher follow-up
  • Research carried out at the CDI on specialized platforms (ONISEP...)
  • One-on-one interviews with educational coordinators
  • Helping you get to grips with PARCOURSUP
  • Immersion courses for technology students
  • Career Fridays: every Friday, professionals come to present their professions to our final-year students (participation on registration).
  • Alumni Forum: our former pupils, now students, come to present their courses to our Première and Terminale pupils.

Special needs

Taking charge of a pupil's special needs helps them regain self-confidence, regain motivation and grow up more serenely. To achieve this, a dedicated team assesses needs and puts in place the necessary tools to meet them. This service focuses on three areas: prevention, education and health.

Requirements :

  • Learning
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Socialization
  • Family sphere

Tools :

  • A dedicated team
  • A school planning protocol
  • A health space
  • A psychological helpline
  • Prevention highlights


We live in a society where tools are constantly evolving. We are constantly on the lookout for new digital practices, so that we can develop ever more innovative projects that meet pedagogical expectations. In particular, training is offered to our staff to support them in this approach.


  • Digital books
  • Professional messaging and cloud
  • Pedagogical applications
  • Live schedule
  • Office applications
  • Badging experiments
  • Digital evaluation

Since 2020, the ECVN (Établissements Catholiques du Vignoble Nantais) is leading a flagship project to assess and certify the life skills of all students from elementary school to high school, using digital badges. Soft skills are in high demand in higher education and in the corporate world.

At the lycée, our students are eligible for several types of badges:

  • Team spirit badge
  • Project management badge
  • Commitment to sport badge
  • Eco-citizen badge
  • Leadership badge
  • Creativity badge
  • International badge
  • Digital ambassador badge

Since the start of the 2019 school year, the PIX system has enabled online assessment of pupils' and students' digital skills.

School life

Today, the Lycée is more than just a place of learning. It's a place where students can grow and develop. Outside the classroom, a wide range of activities are organized to help them flourish.


Péguy Mag

With the support of a Ouest-France journalist, our reporters meet once a quarter to debrief on the previous issue and design the railroad for the next one.

Click here to discover the numbers

Club Musique

Open to all amateur or experienced musicians and singers, this workshop enables our students to express their passion through performances at different times of the year (Christmas, Talent Week, etc.).

Organization of a citizenship day for high school students

Environmental workshop

At the initiative of our students, the group "les écolos groot" is setting up projects within the school on subjects such as sorting paper, reducing waste... All with the aim of minimizing our environmental impact.

Dance workshop

Open to all amateur or experienced dancers of all styles, this workshop allows our students to express their talent in performances that take place several times a year.

Creation of a news program

Communication workshop

At the initiative of the school's communications department, students take part in the organization of events such as open days, graduation ceremonies, etc. Setting up a communications agency, drawing up communications plans, defining communications actions, graphic design... The skills involved are many and can be put to good use in higher education.

Organization of a citizenship day for high school students

Highway code

Partnership with the Caillaud driving school in Gorges, which enables our students wishing to pass their driving test to enroll at a facility close to the school. The driving school gives lessons twice a week at our school.


Prom :

Every year, our senior students dress up to the nines for the ball that marks the end of their years at our school.

Graduation ceremony :

Our new BAC and BTS graduates come together every year to attend their graduation ceremony.

Theme weeks


Wellness Week :

Our students take part in workshops that make them aware of their vital needs. These moments enable them to find ways to take care of themselves.


Safety Week :

Workshops on road safety, safety on social networks, safety in the face of risky behavior... are offered to our students to raise their awareness of these subjects.


Talent Week :

Each year, we allow our students to express their multiple talents: singing, dancing, gymnastics... in front of their peers.

Boarding school

Discover the video of our interns, produced as part of a competition organized by the CNEAP on the theme "Alone we go faster, together we go further", which won them the silver medal!