"Culture brings people together, culture brings projects to life! "

Our school's educational project aims to make us a key player in the local community. To this end, we have developed a range of cultural activities for our students and the inhabitants of the Vignoble Nantais region.

Concert halls

La Stella Auditorium

La Stella Auditorium(325 seats) was inaugurated in 2016. Every year, it offers a rich cultural program with headliners such as Anne Roumanoff, Cali, Gus and Viktor Vincent... 

La Stella Poche

La Stella Poche(74 seats) was inaugurated in 2019. It's a local stage for touring or breaking-in shows.

Educational tools


Every year, our Terminale theater students perform a play that is part of the cultural program at La Stella Auditorium.


On an ad hoc basis, our students carry out projects as part of their training, drawing on the cultural program: 

  • BTS DATR: every year the students reinforce the teams of volunteers at La Stella Auditorium shows. It's an opportunity to understand the organization of an event and develop skills in this field.
  • BTS TC VS: on certain show evenings, students prepare a wine and spirits tasting workshop in the gourmet area.
  • STMG: for certain shows, the students propose communication actions to increase the reputation of the venue in our region (setting up a stand in supermarkets, promoting social networks, etc.).
  • SAPAT: during certain shows, our BAC PRO SAPAT students can lend a hand by serving cocktails in the gourmet area.

Options and specialities

To personalize their training, our students can choose from several artistic options and specialties:



  • Enrich your artistic culture and broaden your cultural representations
  • Develop the ability to produce a personal response and express it sensitively through a visual work of art.
  • Linking skills and knowledge to an artistic orientation project


  • Choose and experiment with, mobilize, adapt and master the languages of the arts and the body through a variety of visual media (painting, volume, mixed media, photography, digital arts).
  • Implement a personal or collective artistic project
  • Be sensitive to the reception of works of art, the conditions under which they are received, and take part in the debate sparked by the artistic experience.


  • Develop skills in mastering and conveying emotions, body and voice
  • Develop your cultural knowledge
  • Embarking on a collective adventure


  • On-set practice
  • Cultural component (spectator school: 3 to 6 shows a year)
  • Partnerships with local theaters and professional artists



  • Enrich your audiovisual and cinematographic culture by broadening your cultural representations
  • Develop the ability to produce personal cinematographic works
  • Link knowledge and skills to an artistic orientation project


  • Express and present a personal aesthetic point of view by comparing it with other points of view
  • Understand, study and criticize a variety of audiovisual and cinematographic works from different genres and periods in the history of cinema.
  • Analyze cinematographic works by commenting on staging effects
  • Experiment with, develop and choose various forms of scriptwriting, measuring the effects produced
  • Create with images and sound while developing your editing skills in a relevant and demanding way
  • Produce film projects with the help of professionals


The main objectives of this specialization are artistic practice and the development of cultural knowledge. It enables students to combine a career as spectator and actor, and to improve their oral, analytical and creative skills.


  • Actor's course: weekly sessions with professional actors in connection with the year's program.
  • Theoretical background // Première: discovery of two periods in the history of theater // Terminale: two works or questions on the syllabus
  • 3 "lab" half-days a year, in partnership with Le Grand T: meetings with theater professionals to discuss the shows studied.