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In Charles Péguy

A cultural school 

If you come to Charles Peguy, you can be a part of many conventions which are organized by the school to alert the general public of a new theme or topic. In this way, you can debate with other people on subjects like social networks, for example ! Furthermore, Charles Peguy sets shows up like theatre, dance and song… People from the whole world come specially to Charles Peguy to present their shows !!


A sporty highschool 

If you are sporty, Charles Peguy is a perfect school for you : climbing, rugby, futsal, bodybuilding, zumba, swimming, canoeing, badminton, basket-ball, running and even horse riding with our equestrian section “Le Bois de Tillac” are proposed !

Additional to the P.E lessons dispensed by our teachers you can practice sport all the year round !

With the A.S (Sports Association) you can practice the sport you like or discover a new one ; individually or with a team. Generally, the trainings are during the midday break between 12am and 2pm. You can also participate in a lot of competitions.

The European Section : Some pupils are more interested in English than others, so they have the possibility of following the ‘European class’. 5 subjects are taught in English throughout the  year : mathematics, history/geography, economics, chemistry and biology. They have 1 and a half hours of one of those subjects in English and 1 hour of extra English per week. Being part of the European class enables the pupils to travel :

  •  Trips: England, Netherlands, China, USA
  •  Immersions: Bulgaria, Austria,Germany, Irlande
  •  Exchanges : Bulgaria, Austria, Spain, Roumania, Italy
  •  We also welcome people from other countries like Australia, Lettonia, Turkey ,Canada, Slovakia and New Zealand. 

Language week : during one week, we talk and play with all european languages to learn new words in other languages than French. Lots of games and animations are organized.

Life around 

You are in the heart of a French Vineyard ! You can enjoy the weekends by soaking up the nature around you.  Lots of hiking, canoe trips, wine cellar visits are available, and if you prefer the city, you can be in the centre of Nantes within 20 minutes by train (close to the highschool ) !

Nantes is a big city of about 600 000 inhabitants which will provide you with all the services you need (shopping, chilling out, museums, monuments).

HomeStay and food

If you want to come and visit us, we have students who would be happy to welcome you in their families during a school year or an exchange partnership. You will love our 3 catering concepts : Restaurant, Cafeteria, Sandwich store.

Partners / Language assistants

If you want to organise a pupil exchange or other projects with us, we will be glad to welcome you and organise a weekly programme with visits and french lessons.

If you want to be our new language assistant, we would be thrilled to welcome you in our high school. You could participate in lessons, activities with pupils and also have free time to hang around !

In the Bois Tillac

The equestrian centre of the Bois Tillac located on the border of Loire in a wonderful setting. All the boarding school and the riding school have been renovated.

We have spacious arenas indoors and an outdoor ménage, a wonderful spring garden, 35 to 40 horses and beautiful, well-designed stables which help students to get an outstanding technical progress and strong professional skills.

All these infrastructures allow the students to practice grooming, breaking in, horse riding, stable tidying, fencing off and soil working in a way that prepare them to do work placements in a farm or in a riding centre.

We use our numerous partnerships to stir the student’s curiosity and ambitions (la Grande Semaine de Saumur, le CCI de Saumur, with international contests: Le Mondial du Lion d’Angers, Le Jumping de la Baule)